Paver Repairs

Paver Repairs

Pavers are highly versatile, aesthetically appealing and long-lasting outdoor flooring materials. We have installed pavers on patios, decks, outdoor kitchens, driveways, pathways as well as entranceway and porch areas on properties across Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Coral Springs.

These pavers look very good in most outdoor spaces. Since they are available in a range of designs, styles, shapes and textures, it’s possible to create a very unique look on the property.

ABC Design’s customers in and around Tamarac, Sunrise, Miami, Sunrise and Lake Worth have also started opting for paver installations on their properties.

Timely Paver Repairs

While these features are very strong and durable, and require only a basic amount of maintenance to stay looking good, there are times when they may get damaged- maybe something heavy falls on them and they crack or they cave in because the ground underneath is uneven and they break when a vehicle is driven over them.

If you want the integrity of the installation to be unaltered, it’s important that the damaged unit/s be replaced and the repair work be completed without delay. This will prevent people from tripping on the pavers and will prevent the outdoor spaces from becoming an eyesore. It will also save you the trouble and expense of getting any major repairs done.

Paver Repair Process

Paver Repairs

When we handle paving stone repairs for our customers, we ensure that all the work is completed in a very meticulous manner:

  • We source the correct paving. In most instances this isn’t much of a challenge as it’s easy to acquire paving stones of the same dimension, color and design
  • We have all the right tools for the job and use the latest technology in our work
  • When we are repairing any mortared pavers, we first remove the damaged units and examine the base. If this hasn’t got impacted, we may still be able to reuse it. In case it shows signs of deterioration, we recommend that it be replaced too
  • If the installation is mortarless or has been sand-set, we remove all the damaged pavers first and then replace the sand bedding with coarsely grained sand
  • The damaged pavers will then be replaced with new ones
  • The joints will be filled with sand and the surface will be sprayed with water
  • We repeat this process till all the joints are completely filled-up

Regardless of how minor or major the damage is, it’s important that the paving stone repair work be completed sooner, than later. Leaving them that way only impacts the integrity of the installation.

Other Paver Repairing Tasks

Paver Repairs

Since pavers are individual units, the repair isn’t such a complex task. However it does require the right skills, knowledge and experience. In addition to replacement of pavers, we also handle repair work such as:

  • Crack sealing
  • Pavement marking
  • Line stripping
  • Curb repair
  • Power sweeping
  • Seal coating
  • Loose paver replacement
  • Seal coat maintenance

For more information about our paving repair services, call ABC Design at 954-531-6500 or send us your queries via this online form.

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