Paver Installation

Paver Installation

Pavers are the ideal material for outdoor spaces. They are very versatile in terms of the applications they can be used in, are available in a large number of colors, styles and designs and are very long-lasting and durable as well. These attributes make them the perfect material for outdoor areas, as they don’t get as impacted by the elements as much as other materials do.

We at ABC Design have handled a large number of paver installation projects for customers in and around Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Coral Springs. In some cases, our clients have asked us to use pavers for their outdoor kitchen projects, while at others; we have used these for poolscapes or driveways.

Some of our customers in and around Tamarac, Sunrise, Miami, Sunrise and Lake Worth have also approached us for paving installations on their residential properties and want to adorn their decks, patios, walkways and pathways with brick pavers or even stone and concrete ones.

Paver Installation

Long-Lasting Paver Installations

Pavers are truly very hardy materials that last for a number of years without too much trouble. They are easy to maintain and just need to be cleared of dirt and debris on a regular basis- an occasional pressure-clean helps keep them in a good condition and looking good too. However, it’s important to keep in mind that paver flooring will last for decades only if it has been installed well.

Paving Installation Process

If you opt for high grade pavers, but the installation is poor, the installation won’t last for a long time- the paving units may come loose, my sink or can crack because they haven’t been laid well. This is why it becomes important to have an expert company like ours, handle this job. We are very meticulous and detailed in our approach to paver installation and follow some set steps in our work, such as:

Paver Installation
  • Prepare site - We remove any existing plants/grass/masonry work down to the undisturbed soil level and excavate it to the point required
  • Compact subgrade - If the surface is going to bear vehicular traffic, we compact the soil to 95%. If the soil is very heavy, we use specialized equipment in the soil compaction
  • Lay geotextile - This special fabric is laid on the compacted soil- it prevents the soil from getting disturbed, due to saturation or freeze-thaw. This is not required in all projects.
  • Spread base material - A layer of gravel will be spread on the geo-textile. This becomes the bed that the paving stones will be installed.

Once these steps have been followed, we position edge restraints that keep the pavers in place; the pavers are then installed on the bedding sand in a very methodical manner. We set these in the pattern you like, sand, and sweep and seal them and create the kind of spaces you would love to have on your property. For more information about our paving installation call ABC Design at 954-531-6500 or send us your queries via this online form.

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