Paver Repairs

Pavers are durable masonry materials that can last for decades when expertly installed. But their beauty may not last long if they are not maintained properly. They must be cleaned on a regular basis and sealed to protect its surface from contaminants and harsh weather conditions. There are also instances where pavers get damaged due to constant use or poor installation. When these happen, paver repairs must be performed immediately. And to ensure that the problems are addressed properly, hire a competent and experienced paver maintenance company.

Paver Repairs Boca Raton, FL

Call ABC General Design Services, Inc. today if you want fast and reliable paver repairs. For years, we've been offering expert paver maintenance and repair services for residential and commercial clients in the state. Our maintenance team is composed of seasoned crews with extensive experience in paver repair, replacement, and maintenance. We also have the right tools and equipment for any type of paver repair job. Moreover, we offer a highly personalized service and act promptly on every job order that we receive. With us, you are assured of immediate and long-term solutions. We serve Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami, Pompano Beach, Boynton Beach, Coral Springs, Sunrise, Tamarac, West Palm Beach, and other locations in Florida. Call us now at (954) 531-6500.

Sealing Pavers

There are a lot of reasons why sealing pavers is very important. First, it will protect your pavers from damaging UV rays, extreme weather conditions, stains, grime, and other contaminants. Second, properly sealed pavers will extend the service life of your paving amenity. Lastly, sealing will enhance the color and natural appearance of the paved surface. And here at ABC General Design Services, Inc., we use only premium paver sealers to guarantee outstanding results. Our crews are also properly trained in the correct application of sealers and follow proven techniques. The types of sealers that we use include acrylic, stain prevention sealers, color protection, and gloss and high gloss sealers.

Paving Sand

Another paver maintenance job that must be performed from time to time is paving sand application. The sand is usually removed from the joints due to frequent pressure washing, poor sealing, extreme weather conditions, and constant use of the paver feature. Re-sanding is not only needed to maintain the beauty of the paved amenity. The task is also needed to hold pavers in place and avoid the growth of weeds between paver units. This task is usually included in our paver repairs, so you will not worry about its proper application. Since there is a lot of jointing sand in the market today, we make sure that the correct type and premium quality sand is used on your pavers.

Paver Restoration

Paver restoration is a job that is best handled by professionals like us at ABC General Design Services, Inc. Our company adopts a proven system that will restore the beauty, function, and integrity of your paver features and amenities. We also offer custom restoration service to address the specific needs of your pavers. We can expertly perform all types of restoration jobs such as cleaning, sealing, repair, joint sanding, replacement, reconstruction, line stripping, and other related paver maintenance tasks. We also offer our paver repairs and other maintenance services at client-friendly rates. Call us for more details.


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